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"The greatest gift that I can give a person is for them to change their mind! Think differently, act differently and achieve more desirable results. So a man thinketh, so he is!"

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Petal Miller and I am passionate about helping people excel, pursuing their goals and dreams, living and leading more fulfilling lives. Everything that I do is about YOU!

I am an author and publisher of the book and self-development training programme - The MIRROR Challenge™, a personal approach to coaching, designed to motivate people to look deeper inside of themselves (in the MIRROR) and identify and take positive steps to improve their situation. I am also
a presenter, personal and team development coach, teacher (too many years to recall), trainer (that’s a number of years as well), facilitator and speaker, but most of all - a change maker! It’s about making amazing happen!

Please take a look around to find out how I can help you to identify, develop and achieve your goals and aspirations.

You can also join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, where we can discuss your ambitions. It's where I share tips, tools and techniques to help make your goals and ambitions a reality.

You can also join me on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where we can discuss your ambitions. It's where I share tips, tools and techniques to help make your ambitions a reality.

Carpe Diem (seize the day)!

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Petal Miller

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PLM Development Services

PLM Development Services is a training and development consultancy that is dedicated to defining, designing and delivering training programmes and courses.

We are passionate about delivering professional, high quality and engaging training courses, dedicated to the development of individuals, teams and professionals. We pride ourselves on providing organisations, teams and individuals with a training platform, creating bespoke content and delivering effective, enjoyable and tailored training experiences.

PLM Development Services knows how important continuous professional development and training are to your business productivity and keeping your employees motivated, knowledgeable and skilled. That’s why we are here to inspire personal and professional growth and development.

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The MIRROR Challenge™

You may have heard of the bucket or mannequin challenge. Well, long before these challenges was the MIRROR Challenge™ and we face it every day!

The MIRROR Challenge™ is aimed at challenging you to challenge yourself.

It is about ‘you confronting you and dealing with what’s inside of you’.

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Petal L. Miller

Petal L. Miller MA (HRM), BA (Hons), PG DipPM, PG Dip in Applied Theology, Chartered Member CIPD

Petal is a dynamic skills development trainer, executive coach, author, publisher, speaker and presenter, with over 30 years’ experience as an educator, facilitator and writer.

Petal specialises in re-igniting passion in individuals and organisations and has earned a reputation as a leader in her field. She is a ‘people person’ who imparts her wisdom and knowledge with simplicity, clarity and passion, to empower people to realise their goals and ambitions.

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PLM Extra Tuition

PLM Extra Tuition offers supplementary education to children ages 4 - 16 years.

Here at Extra Tuition, we have been concerned about the quality of infant, primary and secondary education offered to children. A number of children have been ‘failing’ in mainstream schools.

Our primary objective is to raise the educational standards, self development and achievement of our children, whilst at the same time working with the National Curriculum in the UK.

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Petal Miller is proud to have received many testimonials and participants’ feedback on their training experience.

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